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Hefty Ultra Strong - John Cena

As Hefty was launching their best trash bag ever, we wanted to break through the clutter of typical advertising in this category. More often than not, you see moms in the kitchen taking out the trash—or something equally as boring. It was important for us to be bold and relevant to the campaign idea. We also wanted to bring back the Hefty! Hefty! Hefty! chant which became famous in the 80s but do it with a modern twist. So Hefty tapped John Cena because his personal brand aligns well with ours. Hefty is an iconic American brand, and Cena is an all-around American. His great strength was the perfect fit. Ultimately, our goal was to bring humor and a bit of nostalgia to a not-so-humorous category. We also didn’t want only to target women. Everyone buys garbage bags, so we made sure to create a campaign that had mass, broad appeal.

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