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Walgreens - Countdown

We can all agree that 2020 was an emotional roller coaster, that frankly, everyone would just assume get off of.    


And in a year that brought on so many negative and unwanted emotions, we owe it to ourselves to shed some happy tears, show off our dimples with a smile, and let the joyfulness of normalcy take over.  


With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, Walgreens has been tasked with probably their most important role ever. 


Giving humanity their shot. Both literally and figuratively.

This film stands to capture the beautiful range of emotions we’ve had canceled, postponed, and put on hold this past year and bring back that excitement, happiness, enthusiasm, and most importantly hope we all long for in 2021. 

So, for those who thought 2020 lasted an eternity, for those tired of waiting, for those ready to write a different story—this is our shot.

Our shot to change that. Our shot to take back control of our lives. Our shot at a better reality.


This is our shot at getting back to what matters most.

Directed by Chris Sargent - Anonymous

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