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We teamed up with the family-centric humorist known as BatDad, whose 2.8 million followers (at the time) made him the perfect fit for our campaign. Our goal was simple: create fun, humorous scenarios featuring the family-man using Reynolds products in unique and funny ways. We aimed to both inspire mothers and fathers to use Reynolds in both new and old ways and to remind them of Reynolds when cooking for the holidays (and every day).


People weren't just liking our content… They were loving it! Our Vines garnered over 100K loops per hour for the first eight hours they were live, and even got picked up by other famous Vine users and social media accounts. In total, the videos received 100K likes and 7,500,000 loops on Vine alone. Thanks to the BatDad partnership, we were able to extend Reynolds' reach far beyond our current social audience and turn the client's product into a culturally relevant brand for a whole new generation of fans. Holy BatDad!

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