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Reynolds - Endless Table

Reynolds Wrap, a 70-year-old brand, wanted to reinvigorate itself by appealing to a mobile-first generation of consumers. So we decided to tap into this demographic and the sphere in which they spend the most time: social media.


Turning to the most food-centric of the social media outlets, we created the first-ever Instagram cookbook: the Endless Table.


We used Instagram’s grid system and inherent scrolling nature to lay out 180 recipes that seamlessly flowed from season to season. Utilizing the tagging function, once a user sees a dish they like, they can click on the image and explore deeper into a sub-account that contains a step-by-step recipe, including photos and instructions on how to make that specific meal.


ONE SHOW - Merit - Social Media - Innovation in Social Media

Art Directors Club - Bronze Cube

AICP Next Awards for Innovation

MOBIUS Social Media Marketing, Food & Beverages

WEBBY Social - Best Photography and Graphics 

WEBBY Advertising & Media - Best Use of Photography

Shorty Award Endless Table: Winner in Best Multi-Platform Campaign

Shorty Award Endless Table: Finalist in Best Instagram Presence

Shorty Award Endless Table: Finalist in Best Use of Instagram

Shorty Award Endless Table: Bronze distinction in Photography and Graphics

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