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Be Sure It's Secure

Hefty Slider Bags was looking to launch their first-ever social campaign. Yet in a low-consideration category like plastic bags, it’s hard to drive awareness, let alone brand preference. To cut through the clutter of product-centric advertising (common within the category), and to drive relevance with a younger demographic of digitally savvy moms, Hefty knew they needed a modernized, breakthrough approach to connecting with consumers–without breaking the bank.


To do this, we came up with the “Be Sure it’s Secure” campaign, which touted the immense seal strength of the bags through a series of scaled-down scenarios–complete with miniature props and carefully-crafted stop-motion photography. The breakthrough creative shot engagement sky-high and gained its own following of enthusiasts, packing a huge punch for something so small.

W3 Social Campaigns - Consumer Goods
W3 Social Features - Best Photography & Graphics

Shorty Award Photography & Graphics

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