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Maytag - May is Maytag Month


Maytag Knows: Being first time homeowner can be difficult. In fact, 64% of millennial homeowners regret their purchase, because let’s face it’s a lot. 

And it gets even worst when their appliances break down. They don’t really have a clue what to do or what to choose. But Maytag has always been the brand that new homeowners could depend on. But unfortunately, the brand doesn’t mean much to young homeowners. But lucky for us, we are the only brand with a whole month with our name on it : May. So we made it the best month to make home improvements.


 And we started by getting in people’s head.

Through the entire month of May, Maytag saw double digit growth in   purchase intent while also seeing a rise in sales, proving the month of May still belongs to Maytag.

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